Billie Eilish - The Making of 'Therefore I Am' | Vevo Footnotes

Billie Eilish - The Making Of...Therefore I Am (Vevo Footnotes)
Bouncing around the mall with Billie Eilish sounds like fun, and as the singer moves from the pretzels to the donuts to the soda fountain, "Therefore I Am" becomes a portrait of a pop star fulfilling a few desires that we all have once in a while. This episode of Footnotes is an exclusive interview with Billie, who directed the action at the Glendale Galleria, which was shot on her mom's iPhone. Find out where she and her manager were when the idea for the shoot first struck them. Find out which designer made her outfit. Find out why she neve ate that pretzel she grabbed. Lots of tidbits waiting for you in Footnotes.
Watch the "Therefore I Am" official video:
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Billie Eilish:
Facebook: billieeilish​
Instagram: billieeilish​
Twitter: billieeilish​
Executive Producer: Micah Bickham
Producer: Priya Minhas
Editor: Ramy Elsokary
Music & Talent: Gabby Prisciandaro & David McTiernan
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  • I finally have the answers I wanted in this video. Something that I really liked about that clip was the freaking zooms, for some reason they looked to me so precise, so calculated, for me it add something very big in the rhythm. And so when it said that Billie directed the video, I was wondering how much liberty did the cameraman had or how much did Billie calculate her shit. I'm now satisfied to know that she had a very specific vision.

    Guillaume LalondeGuillaume Lalondeساعات قبل
  • Billy it's you my favorite band oh my God I really love you I love you everyday I see you like you do your nails and stuff like so cute can you please phone but I actually have three videos but please follow me I don't have a face and a hat is only have like this one number so number in app curly hair for look for a brown curly hair girl and that's mean if you fall you follow me and like me and channel to me that would be great love you I'm sorry to hear my puppy love you

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  • 3:54 - what i do when my foods not ready and i'm hungry! 🤣

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  • your singing is so beautiful

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  • uhm what the heck is she wearing

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  • You are my life Billie....🥺💜

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  • man billie gets to flim a music video while everyone is lockdown in their own homes !!!! i love her

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  • Ok what I need to make a viral song First : mum's phone ✅ Second: an empty mall 🤡

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  • The last part when someone said "ey get out of here" but is saw nobody in the mall only billie 😂😂

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  • I feel professional producers do always the same shit, she was just creative and made a really different video, i'm not triying to underestimate them, but sometimes a degree is not necessary to do something amazing

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  • Nobody: Billie: Takes Every Type Of Food For Free*

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  • People everywhere make excuses they don't have "recourses" to do what they want. Meanwhile 19yo Billie recording 100mln views music video on her mom's iPhone to a song composed probably in her bedroom with basic equipment and free software.

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